Monday, October 30, 2006

Nutscape anti-semites

This Blog was created in responce to being banned from nutscape for having the balls to show truthers for what they are at the core...anti-semitic, anti-christian,anti-government,ultimately..anti-freedom.

Every belief they hold dove tails perfectly with the jihadist retoric spewed from jew haters.

Everything is a conspiracy...everything is a plot...anyone who disagrees with their ever changing, incoherant, rants are also "part of the problem".

Many "Truther" sites aspouse outright violence, outright anti-semitism, and outright anti-christain statements....packaged as "truth".

One of my new found compatriots, Masked Protester, also hosts a 911 conspiracy debunking blog here.

He does an excellent job of disecting these theories...breaking them down into impossible events...and illustrating why such things cannot be true with hard facts from experts in their fields.

His analysis is very thuorogh and I will leave the debunking of these theories to his expertise.

I am here to concentrate of the motivations of the truther movement, to illustrate the mind set that allows them to think our government killed thousands of american citizens, and how their retoric and underlying root causes parrot jihadist anti-semitism.

I will be posting excerpts and links from anti-semitic postings that are ALLOWED to remain unchecked on the nutscape "news" portal and illustrate how ,by default,this must meet with the approval of those who have been charged with the enforcement of nutscape terms of service rules.

The only thing that unites the truther movement is hate....hatred for George Bush...hatred for our government...hatred for jews and christians...hatred for the evil neo-cons....and in the end....hatred for their fellow man.

They thought they could silence me....they thought wrong... they have only motivated me to show the world the truther movement for what it is...a cult of hate.

I will take you by the hand....keep you safe...and show you the horror of insanity that underlies their thin layer that looks quite normal to the casual observer.

Most of them are harmless enough....people who have genuine questions but never accept genuine answers...the hagners on...and the few among them who are indeed...a clear and present danger.....a crop of lilly whites...ripe for the harvest of the jihadist...ready and willing to carry out acts of domestic terror.

The ground rules:

Comments ARE moderated....I will not tolerate profanity in any form..even cute mispellings....if your post contains it...dont expect to see it here...

Personal attacks on other comments are FORBIDDEN...if you simply cant say something without attacking others....dont expect to see it here...

Conspiracies?...dont it for seem to be welcome to spew your hate stay there....

I will accept news stories concerning the truther movement for publishing providing they prove to be genuine.

To the have awakened the Zeitgeist....and I will awaken others.

I am the spirit of time...and I come for you.