Monday, October 30, 2006

The post I got banned for....

Note to the reader:
If you follow this "truth" trail long enough,it leads to the "globalist bankers" as the root cause,otherwise known as JEWS.
You should give pause,look in the mirror,and ask yourself if you are prepared to be an anti-semite or associate with them....
If you are prepared to go on,be prepared for what will natually follow
You may in fact find yourself one day rifle butting jews or your neighbors into train cars,no,you wont actually be killing them,you'll leave that to others....or claim you didnt know.
But now you do...everything wrong with America comes down to jews and christians according to these people
A path once traveled...cannot be untraveled
I thought truthers where kooks a couple weeks ago
I am now horrified at what I have found....people being conditioned to hate..hate the government..hate the jews..hate hate ANYONE who dare disagree with them as part of the "grand conspiracy".
History has shown us where that hatred leads...


So much for free "personal" attacks...NOTHING that violates nutscape terms of service..except an OPINION.

One they appearently cannot deal with, or counter with more retoric.

This is what makes me suspect that one or more of the nutscape Moderators are also truthers.

The typical responce of real facists..silence those you cannot afford to debate or disprove.

They can only hate.

*update* appears I may in fact have run afowl of automated spamming flagging and may NOT have been banned for this post in and of itself....I am now unbanned..and have pledged to not cut and paste this message so as to avoid the same situation occuring in the future.

Now...on with the hunt.