Thursday, November 16, 2006

The unbearable likeness of being...other posters:

One of the problems with the ability for people to have multiple log ins...

This allows truthers to game the system through a process known as "sock puppet voting"

IE:...they post an "article" under one log in....then quicky use other log ins to bump whatever they post to the top of the channel...and thus give it the appearance of credibilty...

I previously busted one such truther using at least two log ins....that truther had been rather quiet as of late...but was very active voting and posting stuff...but no comments... was curious to see if I could find the new log in this person was using to comment...

I posted this last night after seeing that this poster had voted on this truther spun article:

2006-11-15 20:11:35 Zeitgeist
Hey truth_only....who's your new sock puppet?
I notice you havent commented on anything for a while...but you are still voting...
I bet I can find you within two days....

Well...It didnt even take two days...

Here's a post from RomoveBushnow( one of the first log ins I found)

2006-07-27 18:13:03 RemoveBushNow
It's a shame you really have no idea what your talking about!!!
Would have been nice to see something of substance, but what can I expect from someone who does not investigate and look at the FACTS!
You base ALL your information on "Loose Change" it looks like! Then you try to lump EVERYONE who does not think like you as kooks! Loose Change is not perfect and contains many flaws, but the overall information is "relatively" in tact.
Unless you can put together a film that is COMPLETELY error free, then you really have no room to put them down.
Also, if the Government went around "killing" everyone that opposed them then HALF the people in this country would be killed. Letting people put out information gives people like you more belief in the OV and makes you follow the governments line much more, so why would they want to stop that? They can put out some shotty video of OBL and you'll pound on the CT's that this is proof that the government knows what they are talking about.

Here's a post from truth_only:

2006-10-23 15:34:35 truth_only
"Study the construction of the Towers; they were designed to withstand a small plane crash. High temperature will weaken steel; the weight of the above floors caused the weakened structure to collapse upon itself causing a chain reaction. It's very simple."
Sorry!!!!! They were designed to withstand a FULLY LOADED 707, which is actually larger than a 757. It holds more fuel and can go 600MPH versus just 500MPH.
"If it was a missle that hit the Pentagon, then where is flight 77 and the people that were on board?"
That's a red herring question! First the evidence needs to be brought forth, then the pursuit of questions like that can be answered....
Also, please show me where I say that a missle hit the pentagon???? A plane did hit the pentagon, but not flight 77! Where are BOTH engines????? Only ONE was found! Your telling me that the hardest substance known to man, Titanium, jsut evaportized? PLEASE!

And here is the new log in.....busted today:

2006-11-15 23:53:40 Capitaine Danjou
Something this site forgets to mention:
Not just for the US, but all western nations:
Without masses of them living amongst us, we could not be frightened into giving up our freedoms. Even now, our governments are continuing to let them flood in and under the cry of "multi-culture", if we complain, we are racist bigots.
This is an orchestrated event, maybe one or two nations maybe stupid enough to do it, BUT EVERY WESTERN NATION????
And any political movement that trys to stop it are assassinated by the media.
Most can not (or don't want to) believe this is possible. It means their whole world and beliefs are false.
The House of Rothschild is THE subject to research because in doing so you find direct links to control of the governments, finance, religion, media, secret societies and world events.

If this isnt the same person....I'll be a truther...'s a lesson boys and girls...

Trying to mimic being separate people is EXTREMELY difficult...even for those who practice...

You can change your can change how you type...but you cant change they way you think, use vocabulary, use syntax,use grammer, or how you use common phrases...

Notice the use of punctuation...the switching to capitals for emphesis

Most people type the way they talk...I often pause when speaking....even though I'm still on the same trian of thought....and so...that is they way I type...

This person has tried to disguise the use of multiple log ins....but in a stressful situation...they reverted once again to the way they talk and think as a default mode...

I've been a forum moderator on a popular internet gaming site for over 6 years...and I've seen the all these years...I only know of one person who can do this and pull it off....and I still busted him...(in private, because he's cool)...

I'm certain this person has even more registered log ins ,either as yet un-used, or never used to comment...only to vote or post truther articles...

Let that be a lesson to you who-ever-you-are this week....dont frak with the Zeitgeist.


I think I just stumbled upon another log in of this be the judge...dont look at the content of the post itself...look for the pattern noted above...

2006-09-01 18:46:57 Edinbug
You guys think THAT is wild!
Listen to this! Did you know that it WASN'T JUST Bill Screwing Monica? Hillary used to JOIN IN! mmmmm. scuse me, I'm gettin a mental picture. uh uh uh uh.
So where was I.
Oh Yeah. One time ""After the DEED"", Bill, Hillary, AND Monica went over to Vince Foster's house, and they each took turns strangling him. Then they all joined in together. But Vince wouldn't die.
""I CAN"T let you kill me! You'll just play into the hands of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!!""
Hillary reportedly said - HA! There's no Right Wing Conspiracy. Only NUTCASES fall for conspiracy theories!
Then it got boring because they all sat around the kitchen table discussing the relative merits of conspiracy theorists and weather they were schizophrenic or bi-polar.
But MONICA started to doze! They shook her awake, strangled Vince Foster and then drove him out to a field.
The next day it was announced that the criminal, Oliver North was a FOX TV personality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This confirms my theory. The "truth" movement is composed of only one person, Alex Jones. Any others, such as Avery, Bermas, RemoveBushNow, truth_only, Cartman et al are holographic creations.

Did you ever notice how all "truthers" act so universally stupid? Did you notice how none of these supposed people ever got further than 20 feet from Alex during the rally at Ground Zero? Well, here's your explanation, whether or not you have the courage to see it.

Wake up, America!

12:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should see how they're gaming the system at

I don't know how many are there because each uses multiple nyms...they even said so and blamed ME for having to use them. They back each other up in order to increase their voting power and are giving the poor editor there hell, both online and even in his personal life, calling him at home on Sundays!

10:27 PM  

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