Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Outted: Navagator Ousama anti-semite? or just indifferent? or over worked?

Ousama posts this story:

Which then draws the jew haters like flies to cow dung....

And article posted by this navagator....draws anti-semite comments and outright hatred of NEVER moderated by the navagator who posted it in the first place....

Almost 3 months later these vile statements have not been removed?

Are we to believe that after posting the story...and seeing comments made to it...that he never went back to see what the comments were?

Not once?

How many times have you posted a thread and never went back to see what people had to say about it?

I'll tell you how many times I have so in 6 years.....ZERO.

You do the math.

** while all of the above is still true...There may yet be one other IS that I grasp the amount of traffic on nutscape...that he in fact never got to review the thread after posting it....again...highly suspect..becuase at that time there were NOT 70,000+ users.....but it's not hard evidence...again...the jury is still out...the title has been modified to reflect this**


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