Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Let the outtings begin: Nutscape anchor Karina...truther?

From the very first truther postings in june we have nutscape anchors posting in agreement with the truthers....and here:


Nutscape anchor Karina posts this...including links to truther sites.

Netscape Anchor Commentary
Karina: Send Message
The video linked is just one example of the many "counternarratives" that have popped up, mostly online, to challenge the US government and mainstream media's official versions of what happened on September 11, 2001. Here are a few links to other sources that dispute the mainstream narrative. Are the dissenters brave, enlightened rebels? Or crackpot conspiracy theorists? You make the call.9/11 Truth: The largest and loudest countermovement, throws conventions, stages demonstrations, and maintains a database of its members' many media appearances. Their key talking points include: The Twin Towers Were Obviously Bombed From Within; Flight 93 Was Obviously Shot Down; The US Government Obviously Paid For These Attacks.Sander Hicks: A gonzo journalist of the highest order, his work on 9/11 counternarratives took him from drinking whisky in the Canadian wilderness with a probable pedophile/former Army spy, to breaking into the 9/11 Commission hearings, only to be called "a whackjob" by panelist Richard Ben-Veniste. His four years worth of aggressive digging are collected in The Big Wedding: 9/11, the Whistle Blowers, and the Cover-Up. He dismisses some popular conspiracy theories (such as, "A Plane Never Hit The Pentagon") whilst steadfastly asserting that the US Government knew about, and had no interest in stopping, the 9/11 attacks. Re-Open 9/11: This group had a series of commercials on cable TV last year, all of which you can watch on their site. It's mostly the same old chestnuts — the Pentagon was never hit by a plane, the Towers were bombed, etc — but they often take it just one step further. Case in point: Proof That Blue Screen Technology Was Used to Fake the 2nd Plane.Charlie Sheen: According to the Wikipedia entry for the Truth Movement, actor Charlie Sheen is on the bandwagon. I found this story, in which he's quoted as saying, "It seems to me like 19 amateurs with box cutters taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75% of their targets, that feels like a conspiracy theory. It raises a lot of questions."


She needs to be removed...she is no more "impartial" than any other truther....

She has no bussiness moderating a news portal.

My suspicisions where in fact correct...she tries to appear inpartial....while at the same time...feeding truther links to the reader.

Everytime I trust my gut...I am proven correct.

I wouldnt be surprised if she was the one who banned me.

The gut says "quite possible".

Also of note.....the very first "truther" post ever...posted by karina herself.


Can you say busted?.....sure you can...

** In the interest of fairness....I place this under review and withdraw certainty and replace it with "possiblity" .....the jury is still out...and has asked for more evidence...I still find the posting of truther links by a netscape anchor HIGHLY suspicious...I have placed a question mark in the title to relect this**

The nutscape Truther:

When you see the typical truther...you'll know it.

9 times out of ten...they have no bio...no friends listed, and a recent sign up date.

They often inculde the word "truth" in their log in name....as if they could recognise it...

Also 911, inside job, etc....the ones with more mundane or even creative nicknames are more often then not..."recruits"...

They spam nutscape boards with truther articles that NO self respecting web site allows to be posted...not even Democratic Undergound allows these freaks to post this stuff...and they certainly have no love of Bush....but there it is for all to see..plastered all over nutscape...one wonders what nutscape advertisers would think if I were to notify them of how their adds are being used....I wont be wondering long...

Too bad Nutscape cant police it's own boards to remove these obvious frauds.

Another clue pointing to the thought that at least one or more of the nutscape admins are in fact truthers themselves....add to this the stories that they choose to pin as front page news and you start to see a clear picture for a few of them.

At the very least...a few of them are far left...totally anti-Bush..and quite anti-war...remember...the first "hook" to recruit someone into the truther movement is a hatred for Bush and his administrastion....there are clearly no supporters of Bush amongst the truthers.....how could one possibly be a bush supporter and still believe these conspiracy theories?

Back the the truther nutscape "members"...

I'm certain many of them have multple log in names...a very easy thing to screen for...if only the admins had the will to do so...these ghost members use these multiple logins to game the rating system and push their posted stories to the front page with "votes"...again...very easy to check for...

In fact...I cold busted one of them by merely comparing the use of syntax, vocabulary, common phrases, and use of interchanging caps and puctuations....I didn't need an IP cross check to prove it...

I've been moderating an internet forum for over 6 years.....People can change there nickname...but they cannot change the way they think or how they use language or grammer....when one has seen every trick under the sun to start trouble on a forum with other board users...these inherant traits stick out like a sore thumb..it's almost as good as a finger print....it takes a true master to pull off looking like another person altogether....it's VERY hard to do for the above stated reasons.

Nutscape just today removed it's sex section altogether....The lead admin admits they where "naive" here:


You'll see my responce there as well...

Well brothers and sisters....that isnt the only thing they are naive about...they are being gamed...suckered..flimflamed even... by the truther movement to spread it's message of hate...and gain recruits.

It's really kind of pitiful..these admins are suppossed to be adults...wise in the world....they are entrusted to moderate asite that has almost 100,000 users and generates hundreds of postings per hour....

They are in WAY over their heads....and they dont even know it...there is no way that a dozen or so admins and a couple dozen moderators can properly police these boards.....threats and personal attacks run unchecked...lies and board maniplulation go un-noticed..and they are setting up nutsacpe for a HUGE lawsuit from a member with a valid legal case such as the few recent cases that resulted in 7 figure settlements...it's only a matter of time.

Be well .....

Almost forgot...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

No tricks....only treats.

Monday, October 30, 2006

The post I got banned for....

Note to the reader:
If you follow this "truth" trail long enough,it leads to the "globalist bankers" as the root cause,otherwise known as JEWS.
You should give pause,look in the mirror,and ask yourself if you are prepared to be an anti-semite or associate with them....
If you are prepared to go on,be prepared for what will natually follow
You may in fact find yourself one day rifle butting jews or your neighbors into train cars,no,you wont actually be killing them,you'll leave that to others....or claim you didnt know.
But now you do...everything wrong with America comes down to jews and christians according to these people
A path once traveled...cannot be untraveled
I thought truthers where kooks a couple weeks ago
I am now horrified at what I have found....people being conditioned to hate..hate the government..hate the jews..hate christains...to hate ANYONE who dare disagree with them as part of the "grand conspiracy".
History has shown us where that hatred leads...


So much for free speech...no profantity...no "personal" attacks...NOTHING that violates nutscape terms of service..except an OPINION.

One they appearently cannot deal with, or counter with more retoric.

This is what makes me suspect that one or more of the nutscape Moderators are also truthers.

The typical responce of real facists..silence those you cannot afford to debate or disprove.

They can only hate.

*update*..it appears I may in fact have run afowl of automated spamming flagging and may NOT have been banned for this post in and of itself....I am now unbanned..and have pledged to not cut and paste this message so as to avoid the same situation occuring in the future.

Now...on with the hunt.

Nutscape anti-semites

This Blog was created in responce to being banned from nutscape for having the balls to show truthers for what they are at the core...anti-semitic, anti-christian,anti-government,ultimately..anti-freedom.

Every belief they hold dove tails perfectly with the jihadist retoric spewed from jew haters.

Everything is a conspiracy...everything is a plot...anyone who disagrees with their ever changing, incoherant, rants are also "part of the problem".

Many "Truther" sites aspouse outright violence, outright anti-semitism, and outright anti-christain statements....packaged as "truth".

One of my new found compatriots, Masked Protester, also hosts a 911 conspiracy debunking blog here.

He does an excellent job of disecting these theories...breaking them down into impossible events...and illustrating why such things cannot be true with hard facts from experts in their fields.

His analysis is very thuorogh and I will leave the debunking of these theories to his expertise.

I am here to concentrate of the motivations of the truther movement, to illustrate the mind set that allows them to think our government killed thousands of american citizens, and how their retoric and underlying root causes parrot jihadist anti-semitism.

I will be posting excerpts and links from anti-semitic postings that are ALLOWED to remain unchecked on the nutscape "news" portal and illustrate how ,by default,this must meet with the approval of those who have been charged with the enforcement of nutscape terms of service rules.

The only thing that unites the truther movement is hate....hatred for George Bush...hatred for our government...hatred for jews and christians...hatred for the evil neo-cons....and in the end....hatred for their fellow man.

They thought they could silence me....they thought wrong... they have only motivated me to show the world the truther movement for what it is...a cult of hate.

I will take you by the hand....keep you safe...and show you the horror of insanity that underlies their thin layer that looks quite normal to the casual observer.

Most of them are harmless enough....people who have genuine questions but never accept genuine answers...the hagners on...and the few among them who are indeed...a clear and present danger.....a crop of lilly whites...ripe for the harvest of the jihadist...ready and willing to carry out acts of domestic terror.

The ground rules:

Comments ARE moderated....I will not tolerate profanity in any form..even cute mispellings....if your post contains it...dont expect to see it here...

Personal attacks on other comments are FORBIDDEN...if you simply cant say something without attacking others....dont expect to see it here...

Conspiracies?...dont bother....save it for nutscape....you seem to be welcome to spew your hate there....so stay there....

I will accept news stories concerning the truther movement for publishing providing they prove to be genuine.

To the truthers...be warned....you have awakened the Zeitgeist....and I will awaken others.

I am the spirit of time...and I come for you.